Introducing BRICKS: The Sustainable Marketplace for Streetwear and Designer Items

Since 2019, Prior has been a distinguished supporter of global sellers, offering them the largest consignment platform for sneakers in New Zealand and Australia. As part of our commitment to sustainable fashion practices, Prior has launched BRICKS, a dynamic marketplace platform that fosters sustainable interactions between sellers and buyers.

At Bricks, we believe that sustainability is the future of fashion. That's why we've launched a new marketplace platform for buying and selling pre-owned streetwear and designer items. By giving these items a new life, we're helping to reduce waste and promote sustainable fashion practices.

We understand that buying pre-owned items can sometimes be seen as inconvenient, but we want to change that perception. With BRICKS, you have access to a vast inventory of authentic pre-owned items, including sneakers, apparel, bags, and accessories. By opting for pre-owned fashion items, you can make a positive impact on the environment, reduce waste, and support sustainable fashion practices.

We also believe in the importance of authenticity in our marketplace. All items listed on BRICKS must be 100% genuine. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive authentic items and that our sellers are protected from fraudulent activity. By providing a trusted and reliable marketplace for both buyers and sellers, we hope to promote transparency and build a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for sustainability.

By launching BRICKS, we hope to create a more sustainable and circular fashion industry. We believe that by providing a platform for buying and selling pre-owned items, we can reduce waste and promote sustainable fashion practices. 

Join us on BRICKS and become part of the sustainable fashion movement.

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